Volume 17, Issue 8 | February 2019

Welcome to the February edition of the Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA) Newsletter

The MSIA program team has been busy building, updating, and collecting news just for you!

Here are a few highlights from this edition:

  • Microsoft’s new Digital Literacy course
  • A case study from the Utah Board of Education on how they are building the career pathways with MSIA
  • Updating your MCE certification
  • Technopreneurship course updates

Read on for these stories and more!

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Updated Microsoft Digital Literacy Course Is Uploaded and Ready to Use

We’re very excited to announce that we have updated the Microsoft Digital Literacy course. The new version of the Digital Literacy course includes more relevant content, improved accessibility, and an enhanced learning experience.

Important Note

· The previous version of the English course will retire March 15, 2019. You can still access and finish up the old course between now and March 15, however we recommend that you start using the new course right away–it’s much easier to access and the content is more relevant.

What students and staff will learn

The goal of the self-paced Microsoft Digital Literacy online learning program is to help learners master basic concepts and skills needed to use a computer. Computer technology can help in everyday life to develop new social and economic opportunities. Whether learners are new to computing or have some experience, this curriculum will help them understand computers better. From using the Internet, to sending email, to collaborating in the Cloud, the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum helps develop the essential skills needed to begin computing with confidence.

The new Digital Literacy course covers the six main topics below. Within each of these topics, there are multiple lessons with a knowledge check at the end of each lesson:

·       Work with Computers

·       Access Information Online

·       Communicate Online

·       Participate Safely and Responsibly Online

·       Create Digital Content

·       Collaborate and Manage Content Digitally  

After completing the course, learners will take the final exam to earn their Digital Literacy certificate of completion.

Additional Resources

Digital Literacy Site

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Literacy Community Forum

The course is ready for you! Go to the Digital Literacy Course now.

It’s Time to Update your MCE Certification, Learn How

A new MCE certification exam was released in January 2018 and all MCE exams earned prior to January 2018 should now be renewed to stay current.

New Exam Benefits

The new MCE professional development program bridges the gap between technology and innovative teaching. This new exam built around 21st century skills proves you have the skills needed to provide rich, customized learning experiences for students that incorporate critical 21st century skills using Microsoft tools.

Microsoft developed the comprehensive 21CLD e-learning curriculum and this useful study guide. It is also helpful to study this 21CLD Activity Rubric document.

As an MSIA benefit, your subscription includes 10 MCE exam vouchers. Contact your program administrator to access the vouchers.


Technopreneurship Course Updates

The MSIA Technopreneurship course has been updated for increased accessibility, work flow, and overall consistency.

Changes you’ll notice:

  • Courses are easier to access: Course materials are available in both Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Consistent look and feel: Standardized visual refresh, making it easier for teachers and students
    to navigate slides and notes
  • Additional descriptive information: Alt-text inclusions added for tables and images
  • PowerPoint slide re-org: Slide elements are combined and the slide reader order is set to improve the way students can interact with courses
  • OneNote personal properties removed: Authors now have more autonomy

NOTE: This update is for the English version only. Changes have not been applied to the localized versions.

Sign-in to the Microsoft Imagine Academy member site to access the newly updated Technopreneurship course.

What We’re Reading: Anticipate and Exploit the Top 12 Future Work Trends

Gartner Impact Assessment: The first in a four-part series on the impact of technology on future trends.

Over the next four MSIA Newsletter issues we will provide Gartner reports on future technology trends and provide insight on how teachers and education systems can align to meet them.

"Digital dexterity is a core employee cognitive ability and social practice that will define digital business success.” -Gartner

In this month’s article, Gartner identifies and examines 12 future work trends and key challenges that software application leaders have aligning technology with a near-future dynamic workforce. They call for a massive change in digital work models and platforms to meet and support how business is conducted.

But, to make this happen, Gartner points out, “the digital dexterity of the workforce is the most effective mechanism to ensure that it can keep pace with and exploit this vast amount of change.” Employers are challenged to find talent that support an environment with new work patterns and digital competencies.

By utilizing your MSIA subscription, benefits, and curriculum in the classroom, you are preparing your students to achieve digital dexterity in the following areas:

Digital mindset: Providing digital tools students use to solve problems, creating a new process or new idea. Helping them innovate through technology.

Collaborative learning and data-driven decision making: Utilizing curriculum and learning environments to support teamwork and partnering where data is used to draw a conclusion, make a decision, or projection.

High-engagement: Providing opportunities for students to engage in their learning and practice entrepreneurship. In this environment students feel they can be more creative, find open-ended paths, practice non-routine roles.

Access to information and communication tools: Giving access to quality data that can be communicated through communication tools like email and shared online collaborative spaces.

Learn how Gartner sets challenges and makes recommendations for the future workforce in the full article: Anticipate and Exploit the Top 12 Future Work Trends.

Student Success: First Generation American Uses Microsoft Certification to Drive Success

Meet Nayeli Ochoa, a first generation American and hard-working high school student, with a passion to learn, and a success story to tell. Her achievement in earning Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications has earned her college credits, facilitated her election as class president, and helped prepare her for college placement.

“I was able to earn my MOS Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, and PowerPoint 2016 certifications.
I even went on and became a State Champion in PowerPoint 2013 and qualified to attend the Certiport 2017 MOS U.S. National Championship in Orlando, Florida. Going to the National Championship was an eye opener for me. It showed me I can succeed at anything I put my mind to, especially with incredible support from all my family, teachers, and friends.” -Nayeli Ochoa

Learn how Nayeli’s certification experience is personified in so many of her personal achievements by visiting Certiport’s blog at First Generation American Uses MOS to Drive Success.

To involve your students in the MOS Championship, visit www.moschampionship.com/us.

Blog: certiportblog.com

Please share your student success stories with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Case Study: Utah’s MSIA Program Builds Career Pathways For Students And Educators Across Schools Statewide

In 2013, with a vision for making a lasting impact on student success, the state of Utah, USA, aimed to equip every student with industry-recognized skills and certifications to give them the edge for an unpredictable workforce future.

The Utah State Board of Education partnered with Microsoft to scale its career and technical education resources. To start, MSIA program memberships and technology curriculum were secured to prepare students for Microsoft Office certification exams. Teachers were trained on how to help students advance quickly and learn the skills holistically through hands-on and online experiences.

“The path to certification gives our students a sense of confidence as well as the skills they need to be employed.” - Brandon Jacobson, IT Education Specialist for the Utah State Board of Education

Today, Utah’s MSIA program enables students to thrive in more than 150 campuses and schools.

Learn more about the success of MSIA program and the Utah State Board of Education, their investment and the results which exceeded their expectations. Read the full case study

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