Welcome Educators

When we use the word ‘educators’ at Imagine Academy, we are referring to all classroom teachers, professional development coordinators, professors, and other instructors who will use the MSIA curriculum tools to educate learners.

You now have access to a wealth of valuable resources with your Imagine Academy benefits! These benefits can be easily reached through the MSIA Member site. Here you will find simple steps to get started.

Get Started with the Imagine Academy

Before signing in to the Member site, review the steps below for tips on where to start.

Watch the Exploring Member Benefits video to become familiar with how to easily navigate the Member site.

Sign In!

You will need an Office 365, Azure Active Directory, or Microsoft account to sign into the Member site.

1. Go to the Member site and

2. Click “Sign in” and select the appropriate Sign-in option

Work or school account – this would be an Office 365, Federated or Azure Active Directory account with Microsoft

Personal account – a Microsoft account you created with an existing Hotmail, Outlook, Live.com, Xbox account or any other email account

3. Enter your username and password and click “Sign in”

4. For first-time sign in, you will receive a message that your email address does not have admin privileges. Click the "Activate Membership page" link in the first paragraph to enter your Member ID and Program Key

Screen capture of the first time sign in message

5. Enter the Member ID and Program Key into the fields and click “submit”. The Member ID and Program Key are unique to each institution and can be shared among faculty and staff to gain access to the curriculum resources and program benefits. Important – The Member ID and Program Key should not be shared with students.

Note – if you do not have your Member ID and Program Key, contact your Regional Support Center .

Welcome to the Imagine Academy Member Site! From here you will be able to access and review your curriculum resources, download and print posters and marketing materials, and learn more about your benefits. Read Prepare students for success in the classroom and their career.


The Imagine Academy offers comprehensive curriculum resources that prepare learners for Microsoft certifications. Take time to review the content to begin planning your course.

  • The Classroom page will get you to all curriculum resources.
  • Explore Learning Paths gives an overview of the curriculum categorized by area of study and links you to the courses - Productivity, Computer Science, Data Science, and IT Infrastructure.

Get Certified!

Get up to date on the latest technology skills. Take an Online learning course and get certified! As a benefit you receive ten free Microsoft (MOS), Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), and Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) professional development exam vouchers.

  • Educator development allows you to easily request your vouchers, provides access to professional development guides, and links you to additional learning opportunities.


Motivate students, school administrators, and parents by promoting the value of the Microsoft Imagine Academy program and opportunities for certification.

  • Utilize the Marketing tools to promote your Imagine Academy, communicate the career and college readiness opportunities for learners, and celebrate achievements.