For Program Administrators

The Program Administrator (PA) is defined as the individual responsible for planning and implementing the Microsoft Imagine Academy program at your institution(s). The PA's role often includes disseminating program information to all instructors, faculty, staff, and other administrators, and may also include helping to activate the Imagine Academy license.

We know you are eager to see your educators and students enjoying the benefits of Imagine Academy! Follow the recommended steps below to get started now.

1. Activate your License

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Once the Imagine Academy (MSIA) has been purchased, the next step is to activate and assign the MSIA license in order to utilize the program benefits. If you have not yet activated, here are the MSIA activation steps.

2. Onboard

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After activating and receiving your Member ID and Program Key, you are ready to deploy. The Member ID and Program Key will unlock the resources and can be shared among educators within your institution to sign into the Member site - your portal to all program benefits. Here are the educator first steps.

3. Train

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It's important to learn about the many MSIA program benefits, how to access, and best practices for utilization. Here are suggestions for training your educators:

4. Motivate

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Let educators, leaders, students and the community know about the value of the resources now available by promoting your institution as a Microsoft Imagine Academy. Encourage educators to learn, grow, and get certified, using the professional development certification vouchers included with your subscription.
Click this link for information about your professional development vouchers, marketing materials and curriculum benefits.