Credential Options

To access the Member site, users will need to sign-in with a ‘Work or School account’ or a ‘Personal account.  A ‘Work or School account’ is an account associated with an Azure Active Directory (“AAD”) tenant account for the institution.  Existing Microsoft Office 365 accounts associated with your AAD tenant can be used for single sign-on with the Imagine Academy program.

A ‘Personal account’ was previously referred to as a ‘Microsoft account’ where a personal email address was used to set up the account. It may be a Hotmail, Outlook or other free email account. It may even have been an @schooldomain email address that was used to set up a Microsoft 'Personal account’.

Using a ‘Work or school account’ is the recommended method of authentication.  This requires configuration of the school’s Azure Active Directory to implement. Her is more information about Azure Active Directory and Office 365 .

Students will not sign in to the Member site. However, they will need sign-in credentials to access MSIA Online Learning. If AAD is not available or configured for your school and students are using ‘Personal accounts’ to enable their access, it is highly recommended that students create their own ‘Personal account outside the institution’s IP address, and if possible, in advance of the school term.